Children’s Ritzy Portrait Fundraiser

  • Fun and fancy dress up portraits that never go out of style. We provide elegant formalwear and ritzy props to capture the moment.
  • You offer certificates to your members for vintage/sepia photography - $10 for the sitting, to photograph one or more children. The certificate provides one beautiful 8 x 10 portrait.
  • Your organization keeps the full $10 per certificate, and two event coordinators from your organization each receive complimentary 8-sheet portrait packages (value $149.95).
  • The photographer will take a variety of shots, as well as any special poses of the children. We will schedule a return visit to give the family their 8 x 10 portrait and show all other poses photographed.
  • Families are not obligated to purchase any photo packages.
  • In addition to receiving the full dollar amount of the certificates, your organization will receive a significant cash bonus if 50 or more certificates are sold. An example of your bonus opportunity and total profit are shown to the right.